Meeting Room

Meeting Room

The Trussville Public Library has one room to be used for meetings and programs. The primary purpose of this room is to provide appropriate space for library meetings and programs. When chairs are set up in rows, the room seats twenty people comfortably, with a maximum of thirty people. A group larger than thirty would be very crowded. Chairs are provided, and there are several tables that may be also be used. Normally, there are three to four small tables in the room, which each will seat four people. The library sometimes uses this room for storage, so potential users should be aware that boxes or library equipment may be stored there. Those who are interested in reserving the room should feel free to view the room prior to reserving it.


When the room is not in use by library staff members, it may be reserved for public use by approved groups. All reservation requests must be approved by the Library Director or the Director’s Assistant prior to use. The room may be reserved for the following situations, during normal hours of library operation:

  • Educational meetings other than one-on-one tutoring
  • Cultural meetings
  • Charitable meetings
  • Intellectual meetings
  • Other non-profit meeting purposes
  • Test proctoring by appointment

The room may not be used for:

  •  Any purpose that interferes with the regular operation of the library
  •  Programs involving sales, advertising, solicitation or promotion of commercial products or services
  •  Personal, company or family parties or similar activities
  •  Any illegal activities

Rules and Policies:

  1. All groups, other than proctored test takers and those directly associated with the library, will be required to sign a user agreement before reserving the room. Usage, reservations, and availability are subject to the discretion of the Library Director.
  2. No fees will be charged for use.
  3. Requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.
  4. The library reserves the right to cancel an agreement at any time.
  5. Children’s groups under the age of eighteen must be supervised by one or more adults.
  6. The meeting room is only available during open library hours (an exception would be library board meetings, or other meetings in which staff members are present).
  7. Alcohol, smoking, or other drug use is not permitted.
  8. The meeting room must be vacated ten minutes before the library closes.
  9. Nothing may be attached to the wall, ceiling, doors or furniture without the approval of a library staff member.
  10. Storage of any items by groups using the room is not permitted unless special circumstances apply. Any exception must be approved by a library staff member.
  11. Food or drink is prohibited for public groups not directly affiliated with the library; water in a plastic bottle is the exception.
  12. Standing reservations will be taken for up to one year at a time, no more than one meeting per week. All users must acknowledge that the standing agreement may be terminated at any time.
  13. When the room is not in use and there are no reservations, patrons may use the meeting room for activities such as studying or tutoring. This usage is purely on a first come, first served basis and is not guaranteed. These users with no reservations must vacate the room if there are any outstanding reservations.
  14. The library does not provide equipment or special tools for users, other than the dry erase board which is mounted on the wall.
  15. Trussville Public Library staff members are not responsible for setting up or rearranging the room. When the group is finished, all tables and chairs should be neatly placed, and no trash should be left in the room.


Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute endorsement of the users’ policies, presentation or viewpoints by Trussville Public Library or the City of Trussville.

This policy complies with the American Library Association’s guidelines on meeting room use.

Adopted by the Trussville Library Board of Trustees, 2008.