Monday Night Movie

Join us for a family movie and a snack one Monday per month 
@ 6:00 p.m.



Movies will be on the following days for the 2014/2015 schedule

Sept. 8th – After becoming lost in the Oregon wilderness, a cute dog rescues a family of cougar cubs. The clever canine makes friends with all sorts of animals in his attempt to protect the cubs and find his owner.

Oct. 13th – Known around his town as a bit crazy, a scared little chicken warns his friends that the sky is falling. None of his friends believe him at first, but it may turn out that aliens are behind the falling sky.

Nov. 10th - Three brothers seek guidance from animals to help them on the path to becoming adults. One rejects being guided by a bear, saying bears are thieves. This causes a chain of events that will change his life.

Dec. 8th - A spunky little girl living in a hotel is getting ready for Christmas. This includes trying to find presents from her mother’s trip to Paris. During all of the holiday chaos, she must also help a friend who is set to marry the wrong person.

Jan. 12th – Based on actual events, a lonely dog living in Alaska is given a very important responsibility. He must help to deliver medicine from the end of the railway in Nenana, to sick children living in Nome. 

Feb. 9th – An evil fairy curses a princess that she will prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep. Three good fairies protect the princess until her 16th birthday. The prince who can break the curse must fight a dragon to save her.

March 9th – Andy’s toys include a trusty cowboy and a space ranger who doesn’t know he’s a toy. These two battle back and forth to be Andy’s favorite. When a neighbor kidnaps them, they must work together to get home. 

April 13th – In 1932, a young baseball fan named Yankee discovers a talking baseball. Meanwhile, Babe Ruth’s talking bat has been stolen, and Yankee’s dad is framed. Will Yankee get the bat back before the World Series?