Monday Night Movie

Join us for a family movie and a snack one Monday per month 
@ 6:00 p.m.



Movies will be on the following days for the 2015/2016 schedule

Sept. 14th – Join us for an exciting retelling of a beloved children’s book. It features
a pig who avoids becoming dinner thanks to a very kind and helpful spider.

Oct. 5th – Two sisters discover that their new home is filled with furry creatures who
can only be seen by children. The girls then have adventures with these friendly sprites.

Nov. 2nd – Experience a whole new world with a boy from the streets who discovers
a magic lamp. He then wins the heart of a princess with help from the genie of the lamp.

Dec. 7th – Enjoy a puppet filled adaptation of a classic Christmas story.  A wealthy man
is visited by 3 spirits who change his mind about disliking the holiday.

January 4th – Join a clever mouse named Basil, as he searches London to find clues. It is
up to him to solve a mysterious kidnapping and save the day.

February 8th – An enchantress transforms an arrogant prince and everyone in his castle.
It is up to a young beauty to help him change and break the spell, in order to save them all.

March 7th – The owner of a magical toy shop plans to turn things over to an employee
named Molly. Thing go awry as the store begins to lose its magic. Will Molly be able to
believe in herself and restore the shop?

April 4th – A young dinosaur makes a long journey to be reunited with his family. He
makes many friends along the way, and they all try to avoid the sharp toothed T-Rex.